Irvine, Dog Bite Attorney

Any kind of injury can be very scary and damaging. A dog bite injury can then make you afraid of dogs. If you were bit on your walk around the neighborhood you could be afraid to go for walks there now. Dog bites in Irvine can be scary. You can be injured pretty badly too depending on the situation. The dog’s owner is responsible for the dog’s actions but sometimes they do not take responsibly.  When you are in need of a dog bite lawyer you should always consider hiring Hanning & Sachetto, LLP a personal injury law firm in Irvine, who has experience in winning dog bite cases.


When you were injured in a dog bite attack it can scar you for life. You may need therapy to get through your day to do, depending on how bad the dog bite injury is you could even potentially need stiches or surgery. None of that is cheap. This is why you should be calling an Irvine dog bite attorney to talk through your options with you. Having a lawyer can give you confidence as well as piece of mind. You do not want to have to come up with the money to pay for the injuries caused by someone else’ dog. It is important to hire Hanning & Sachetto, LLP an Irvine personal injury law firm to handle your dog bite case. They will treat your case with care and will put their all into getting you the most amount of compensation.

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