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If, at the time of the birth, there is no marriage between the parents, the mother initially has child custody . In the past, it was relatively costly for the father to obtain joint custody of the child in this constellation. In the meantime, however, the case law has made it easier for the father to obtain joint custody.


Accordingly, there is little room for sole custody. In practice, there are mainly two variants that lead to the sole custody: either dies one of the guardians (with which the sole custody automatically passes to the survivor) or one of the custodians is deprived of his custody. Find a child custody law firm in Los Angeles.


Land Legal Group is an experianced family lawyer in Los Angeles. The informal application may turn out to be relatively close if the other party has given its consent. If the other refuses, a detailed justification and, if necessary, the addition of evidence and evidence is necessary. The youth welfare office often advises on the application and confirms the statements of the applicant, if necessary in court. The explanatory statement must explain in detail why the other parent is not a suitable custodian and must therefore be deprived of custody.


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