Benefits Of Hiring A Domestic Violence Lawyer

Domestic violence amounts to intimidation of another person using force or fear or through threats of violence. Domestic violence can be emotional, physical, psychological, sexual or economic in nature and is not entirely restricted to relationships between spouses. Hiring a domestic violence attorney is a good idea since victims often feel trapped in the situation especially where children are involved because they fear that they may lack the resources to support them if they leave or simply the fear of the consequences of leaving. Though there are many self-help organizations that help victims of domestic violence, some cases are too complex and may require legal advise or intervention by a qualified domestic violence attorney.

A Portland domestic violence lawyer will assist in ways that could be otherwise difficult for the victims to do on their own such as obtaining restraining or protection orders which prohibit the abuser from doing certain things such as being within a certain distance or making physical contact with the victim. The order could also bar the abuser from possessing a firearm and in extreme cases, the perpetrator could be ordered to move out of the house shared with the victim(s). Domestic violence law suits are civil lawsuits that allow victims to recover for any financial loss, medical expenses, pain and suffering caused as a result of the violence.

In cases where the abuser is a spouse, a domestic violence lawyer can assist the victims to file for divorce and assist them through the process including the right to receive a fair share of marital property, spousal and child support. The attorney will also help the victim to get custody of children in cases where the abuser is also a parent of the kids. The domestic violence attorney will represent the victim in court and will also be responsible for completing any required documentation and will firmly deal with the abusive party throughout the entire process.

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