Personal injury claims in Houston, Texas

Personal injury law in Houstin is usually complicated. It is for this reason that one sources for a Charles J. Argento & Associates attorney to make the process of making the claims easy. Majority of the lawyers provide initial consultations at no charges and are able to inform you if you have an admissible claim. The solicitor will also ensure that the insurance company considers all your individual circumstances.

What is process for personal Injury claims?

1.   Your attorney sends a claim letter to the defendant (person or company or people) responsible for the injury. The defendant replies the letter within a fixed specified time. In most cases the period does not exceed three months. In many cases it takes less than that. The reply should outline whether the defendant accepts or denies responsibility for causing the injury. If the defendant admits, then the attorney settles the issue out of the court.

2.   Making of an offer

The lawyer asks the amount you are willing to accept as compensation and if the defendant agrees to the amount the issue is settled out of court. If they do not, proceed to court on the solicitor’s guidance.

3.   Court settlements

This is the last option in case the defendant denies to compensate you for the damage.

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