Personal injury claims in Houston, Texas

Personal injury law in Houstin is usually complicated. It is for this reason that one sources for a Charles J. Argento & Associates attorney to make the process of making the claims easy. Majority of the lawyers provide initial consultations at no charges and are able to inform you if you have an admissible claim. The solicitor will also ensure that the insurance company considers all your individual circumstances.

What is process for personal Injury claims?

1.   Your attorney sends a claim letter to the defendant (person or company or people) responsible for the injury. The defendant replies the letter within a fixed specified time. In most cases the period does not exceed three months. In many cases it takes less than that. The reply should outline whether the defendant accepts or denies responsibility for causing the injury. If the defendant admits, then the attorney settles the issue out of the court.

2.   Making of an offer

The lawyer asks the amount you are willing to accept as compensation and if the defendant agrees to the amount the issue is settled out of court. If they do not, proceed to court on the solicitor’s guidance.

3.   Court settlements

This is the last option in case the defendant denies to compensate you for the damage.


Kestenbaum Law Group on Internet Crimes

Over the years, the world has been faced with numerous internet crimes. Cyber stalking, illegal downloading, identity theft, cyber bullying, internet fraud and credit fraud are some of the most common internet crimes today. However, the legal system is adamant on the persecution of individuals who take part in such times. Qualified legal personnel work relentlessly to make sure that these crimes are prosecuted.

Call on the Kastebaum Law Group

Many people who face internet crimes charges fail to take immediate action ensure that they are protected. That’s why the Kestebaum Law Group is here. Their highly experienced criminal lawyers will ensure that you got the legal defense that you seek. Known for a winning reputation, they will offer you legal services like you have never had before. They will address your internet crime case with the best expertise and support you however they can. By retaining them, you are retaining excellence. Call the Kestenbaum Law Group today and get in touch with the most outstanding lawyers.

Benson, Bertoldo, Baker & Carter Takes on Auto Accident Cases in Las Vegas

Getting involved in an auto accident is stressful and frustrating enough. Sometimes accidents are inevitable and when they happen, you may get injured or lose property. In such a case, you need a good lawyer to help you defend your case in court or settle the matter out of court. If you are the victim, a lawyer can be able to help you get the compensation you need.

At Benson, Bertoldo, Baker & Carter, you will find a personal injury law firm in Las Vegas that is more than willing to help you through your case. They are not only qualified but the team also has many years of experience in matters dealing with auto accidents and personal injury. For anyone who needs an accident attorney or a personal injury lawyer, the firm is the place to go. They also have many professional contacts, which will come in handy when you defend your case in court. Give them a call today and start working towards a solution today!

Messrs Benson, Bertoldo, Baker & Carter: The Most Aggressive Law Firm In Spine Injury Claims

Personal injury arising from accidents can cause dire injuries like paralysis or other devastating injuries to the spinal cord. Accidents leading to spinal cord injuries due to severe impacts involving large trucks, vehicles and other trucks are the most common. No matter how it occurs, spine injury has devastating effects and requires heftier compensation, expedited handling and justifiable treatment. If there is negligence on a third party as to cause damage to the spinal cord, you can consult an attorney specializing in personal injury law.

Benson, Bertoldo, Baker & Carter is a personal injury law firm deals with spine injury cases and has record-breaking successful claims. Though the defendant or insurance company may voluntarily offer compensation in alternative dispute methods such as an out of court settlement, a lawyer adept in this field is needed to prop up your case. Attorneys ensure the victim gets comprehensive and fair treatment. Spinal cord, vertebrae and disc injuries can lead to permanent paralysis. The patient requires early treatment to mitigate against devastating results such as permanent paralysis. Attorneys at Benson, Bertoldo, Baker & Carter have fought for clients who have sustained paralysis and other forms of injury.


Theft refers to criminal offences that involve the unauthorized act of taking something from another with the intention of grudging them of the property permanently.

The types and levels of theft

The degree or the category of the theft charges depend on the type of property one has stolen and the value of the property. The basic categories of theft include

Petty or Petit Theft

This kind of theft is said to occur when one steals property below a certain value as outlined by the law. Whether certain theft is petty or not differs with the jurisdiction.

Grand theft

On the contrary, grand theft happens when the value of the assets pilfered exceeds the petit theft limit.

An additional category of theft is the grand theft auto. This kind of theft primarily refers to pilfering automobiles. This class of theft receives harsh punishments than the above categories.

For the other categories of theft check with the Gurovich, Berk & Associates. Theft cases need to be handled by an experianced law firm. For an expert crimial attorney in Los Angeles contact Gurovich, Berk & Associates