Child Support in Chicago

Often, maintenance matters are frequent matters that former spouses who have children have to deal with. Just as it happens in the case of a claim to reduce maintenance, referral to the court for a claim to increase child support will not always bring the desired result. They must show that there has been a change in relations, i.e. circumstances relevant to the requirements of the maintenance obligation and its scope.  Be sure to have the best Chicago child support lawyer on your team. 


Increasing child support – when possible in Chicago? Increasing child support will be possible in the situation when there is a change in the property or earning capacity of the person obliged to pay maintenance or the scope of the legitimate needs of the entitled person. It should be remembered that the alimony obligation may be changed only after the judgment has been issued by the court in which he ruled on the amount of child support or after concluding the settlement setting the maintenance obligation. Katz & Stefani, LLC are a family law firm in Chicago who can help you in your child support case.

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