Medical Malpractice in Las Vegas

Most often carried out medical examination of living people in order to identify the damage to health, determine the age of the person. Examination of determining the state of human health is often carried out in cases where people refuse to appear in court or the investigating authorities to give evidence, referring to health, or if the person is in corrective labor.


Material evidence is investigated for the presence of human secretions. Bones, blood, soft tissues and other elements of the human excretory system can also be examined in Las Vegas. Be sure to hire a Las Vegas medical malpractice attorney.


The scope of research of medical expertise includes: determining the presence of bodily injuries, establishing the duration of their appearance and the mechanism of education; establishment of working capacity in percentage; investigation of the crime committed against sexual integrity; the study of gunshot and explosive injuries; determination of causes of death of newborns; studying the effects of electricity, toxic drugs and substances, extreme temperatures, sharp objects; establishment of consanguinity; medical error analysis; determination of the severity of harm to health; determination of the possibility of keeping the suspect / accused in custody. Bertoldo, Baker, Carter & Smith are a personal injury law firm in Las Vegas.

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