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If, at the time of the birth, there is no marriage between the parents, the mother initially has child custody . In the past, it was relatively costly for the father to obtain joint custody of the child in this constellation. In the meantime, however, the case law has made it easier for the father to obtain joint custody.


Accordingly, there is little room for sole custody. In practice, there are mainly two variants that lead to the sole custody: either dies one of the guardians (with which the sole custody automatically passes to the survivor) or one of the custodians is deprived of his custody. Find a child custody law firm in Los Angeles.


Land Legal Group is an experianced family lawyer in Los Angeles. The informal application may turn out to be relatively close if the other party has given its consent. If the other refuses, a detailed justification and, if necessary, the addition of evidence and evidence is necessary. The youth welfare office often advises on the application and confirms the statements of the applicant, if necessary in court. The explanatory statement must explain in detail why the other parent is not a suitable custodian and must therefore be deprived of custody.


Get Paid For Dog Bite Injuries

Of all injuries, dog bite injuries are the worst that anyone wants to do with their lives. Dog attacks are so insecure that you can never predict that they will not bite you. There are certain things you should do when you are involved in such accidents to recover your medical expenses.

Not only will you have serious injuries when faced with a dog attack, but you will also have several types of known and unknown injuries. Such accidents often result in injuries from dog bites, such as abrasions, cuts, tissue damage, cuts, fractures, and tissue infections. In general, dogs pounce on the face, which is very prone to disfigurement and fear.

First, you should seek medical help immediately to make sure you are protected against any infection. If you have symptoms such as fever, redness, swelling, etc., you need immediate medical attention. Some injuries may require surgical treatment, especially if it results in damage to deep tissues, bones, and nerves. You will get traumatic pain and injuries after a dog attack that will be unbearable if it is not your fault. If you or one of your loved ones has been bitten by another person's dog, you are entitled to financial compensation for your damages. You should seek the legal guidance of lawyers for dog bite attacks.

Make sure you can identify the dog owner so that your lawyer can inform the owner at the right time soon after the accident. Do not worry if you get bitten by a stray dog. In this case, your doctor or lawyer will inform the department in question and present a case of negligence against the department. You can get high compensation for your pain and injuries and get the help of a lawyer with experience in the area in which it occurred.

The amount of compensation varies from state to state. Your dog bites Attacks Lawyers can get good compensation if:

The attack of the dog is caused by the carelessness of the owner of the dog.
The owner lets his dog run.
The dog has also hurt many people in the past.

Contact Bertoldo, Baker, Carter & Smith Las Vegas personal injury lawyers for dog attacks to protect your legal rights and pay for all damages.

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Personal injury law firm in Las Vegas. An accident, a medical mistake or an accident at work? Then the calculation of your compensation is a complex matter. You can, therefore, consult a specialized personal injury lawyer. Las Vegas motorcycle accident attorney from Bertoldo, Baker, Carter & Smith can assist you. They are a personal injury law firm in Las Vegas, Nevada.


A personal injury lawyer can represent you in court to ensure that you receive compensation from your motorcycle accident. The nature of the physical damage and its impact are used by the personal injury lawyer to make this compensation as favorable as possible.


Negotiate with the insurance company

A personal injury lawyer Las Vegas can also negotiate with the insurance company. This is then pointed out to all findings. Your lawyer will point out the costs and impact of the physical damage. These negotiations will continue until adequate compensation is obtained. Help from a personal injury lawyer without costs? If you can call on your legal assistance insurance, it can intervene in your legal costs. They then invoice directly to the insurance company. In this way, you will not receive an invoice for your injury lawyer. They act efficiently and are extremely accessible. They will receive you at the office or come to you on the spot if desired.

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Auto accident law firm in Nacogdoches.

You may get harmed in an auto accident and it wasn't your blame and you're confronting medical expenses, lost wages, torment, and enduring. Norton Schwab a personal injury attorney Nacogdoches, has lawyers that will help and guarantee you get the pay you merit and the objective that you can settle around showing signs of improvement. The law firm lawyers will encourage you how to ensure that the hazard is on the insurance agency and not you. On the off chance that the hazard is put on them, they will regularly settle before trial. They will deal with all the printed material and legitimate issues and work to get your case settled rapidly so you can return to your typical life. Norton Schwab law firm lawyers ensure that regardless of the size of your case, they give the skilled legal help. You will benefit from their many years of experience and training, and their goal is to help you receive your lost wages, damages, medical bills, pain, endurance and other expenses from the Nacogdoches auto accident attorney. Since auto accident injury claims require a tough, Nacogdoches law firm like Norton Schwab, the lawyers are very friendly to customers and ensure they inform you of the progress of the case till the end until the compensation is paid to you. Since they are qualified, they make sure the judge ruling is in your favor and as per what you require.