motorcycle accident lawyer

You were involved in an accident as a motorcyclist, and the other party is at least partly to blame? At first glance, the same thing happens in a motorcycle accident as in a car accident. After all, it deals with the same loss positions (compensation for pain, damage to the motorcycle, costs for the experts, loss of use, budgetary damage, loss of earnings, loss of personal benefits, medical costs, travel expenses of close relatives, etc.). Whether these claims can be claimed 100% or only proportionally depends on the exact nature of the accident. Non-motorcyclists often lack the ability to recognize motorcycle-specific accident tracks and assign correctly. Make sure you hire an expert motorcycle accident lawyer.

An accident-analytical expert opinion can provide clarity!

Specialized experts can almost always reconstruct a traffic accident within very narrow limits, limiting the approach speeds of the vehicles involved within a few kilometers. For example, a claim that the motorcyclist was too fast can be concretely countered.

You should therefore contact a motorcycle accident lawyer from Hepworth Holzer in Boise, Idaho.

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