auto accident

You cannot prevent accidents from happening no matter how much you try. Be careful, be alert, be wary… they would still happen. Whether we want to or not, there are instances when we get involved in an auto accident. What, then, are we supposed to do in this instance?

Remaining calm after an accident is very important. Carefully take stock of everything around you, especially for any injuries. Then you should make the necessary calls for an ambulance and the police. It doesn’t matter if the accident is minor or just a small one, the important thing is that the police would still have to be informed.

During an auto accident, it is necessary to have all the facts straight; particularly when you know you will need them to file a police report and a claim for insurance a bit later. Aside from taking note of the injuries and the damages that the involved vehicles have sustained, you should also look for potential witnesses who have seen the whole thing.

Once the cause of the accident has been looked into, there may be changes as to how the auto accident will be handled from here on out. If you are found to be drinking under the influence of alcohol, you will most likely be charged with a drunken driving charge. This will also affect any claims for insurance you may make. On the other hand, you can file charges and also claim for compensation for damages if it was the other driver who was under the influence of alcohol when the accident happened.

It is not uncommon to find personal injury lawyers in Oregon who focus on auto accident cases. They give legal representation to the clients who suffered physical or psychological injury, in this case, caused by the negligent acts of another driver in an auto accident. Office of Dwyer Williams Potter Attorneys LLP has qualified lawyers who can help you be compensated for loss of livelihood due to the inability to work attributed to the pain and injuries casued by the accident, as well as the medical expenses incurred. When making claims for car insurance, a personal injury lawyer would also protect your interests from insurance companies by fighting to get what is due to you.

Before choosing one particular personal injury lawyer to handle your case, you should also factor in some considerations. Look at his credentials and his performance record, which are indicators of his skills and competence as a lawyer.

An auto accident happening to you does not mean your chances are all grim. There are many people who can help you, and they are professionals who you can rely on.


Paternity is defined as the state of being someone’s father. With advancements in science, it is easier and more accurate than ever before to establish paternity. DNA testing methods, including SWAB Tests and DNA Genetic Identity tests are reasonably priced and available at a growing number of locations.

At common law, a child born to the wife during a marriage is the husband’s child under the “presumption of legitimacy,” and the husband is then assigned complete rights, duties and obligations to the child. This presumption, however, can be rebutted by evidence to the contrary. In the case of a female who is unmarried, a male can accept the paternity of the child. Alternatively the mother can appeal to the court for a final determination if she is unsatisfied with the outcome. The outcome is identical, regardless of how the paternity was determined, i.e. voluntarily, administratively or court ordered. Whitmarsh Family Law attorneys in Los Angeles is there for help and consultation.

With every case, the legal father is defined as the biological donor. If both parents approve who the genetic father is, an easy procedure that doesn’t require a legal intervention can be used to recognize paternity. This process is called voluntary paternity establishment. Once paternity is legally determined, it is very challenging to contest. If paternity is in question, it is best to challenge paternity prior to acknowledgement.

Anyone can try and prove paternity, be it the mother, father, and depending on circumstances, the child. While paternity is most commonly established before trial, the outcome will go on to have an effect on proceedings. Complaints and legal petitions to establish paternity are now oftentimes routinely agreed to by all parties before entering trial. If a child is born to two unmarried people, by law the child does not have a father.


Paternity Law Attorney – Helping You Understand Your Rights

Establishing paternity simply isn’t a simple circumstance of finishing the paternity acknowledgment form and having your name incorporated into the birth certificate of the child. Signing the form would just recognize you being a father and would serve as an approval for the state to deduct child service from you pay. This doesn’t infer you happen to impart care to the child.

When paternity is resolved, the father would have rights to visitation and equivalent right for custody. The child would principally profit by establishing the paternity, since the child would have admission to the father’s medical records, benefits from insurance or inheritance.

It could likewise be the other way around. Some fathers would go to court to challenge paternity. In any case, it just demonstrates to us how unpredictable and difficult family law maybe. Affidavits, forms and legitimate counsel are especially required, that is the reason acquiring a paternity lawyer is significant.

A Paternity Law Attorney in Tampa from Anton Legal Group will help you legitimately attest your rights as a father. Through viable representation in the family law courts, he or she will work to pick up the privilege to a court-requested DNA test, and afterward give aggressive advocacy to your custody, support and visitation objectives. Because you are unmarried, or have not been listed as the lawful father, you do even now have rights.