defective products

The injuries resulting from defective products can cause significant emotional, financial, and physical stress. If you have suffered damages because of using a faulty product, you may definitely qualify for a defective product liability claim. The range of the cases involving defective products is wide. The categories of product liability are primarily three i.e. defective manufacture; failure to offer adequate instructions and warnings regarding appropriate use of the products; or defective design.

The party liable for a defective product injury

Depending on the particulars of the case, a hurt consumer can claim compensation from either one or more parties. These parties include retailers, wholesalers, or manufacturers.

The damages that attorney from Eppsteiner and Fiorca Attorneys, LLP, a class action law firm in New Jesrsy, can assist recuperate in a product liability litigation

The damages for injuries as a result of defective merchandise are compensatory, special, or punitive. A successful litigation, yield the plaintiff damages that cover;

Lost wages

Suffering and pain

Emotional anguish

Present and future medical costs

What are the characteristics of a successful product liability claim?

The product was faulty

The defect was the cause of the damage

The plaintiff suffered some losses or was injured as a result of using the defective product

The product was used as the manufacturer recommended



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